Horse Whisperer, Turtle Yodeler?

6 May

I got these shoes at Green Eye in Cairns – I spotted them out of the corner of my eye on my way out the door last week, then looked all over the Internet for something similar. I couldn’t find them, so my stepmom and I took a special trip out to try them on. I have extremely awkward feet, so I wasn’t sure they were going to fit – but this was the last pair, and they happened to fit.

In other news, I may be losing my turtle whispering skills (my dad says, “turtle yodeler”) – we went out earlier today, and the only turtle I saw was one that somebody accidentally caught while fishing. I suspect they were scared away.

Skirt in the Grass

3 May

With Luna for National Play Your Ukulele Day!

And an outtake:

No Skirting!

1 May

Trying on sunglasses on a cloudy day at the pier. We saw Paul Allen’s boat – the Octopus. Rumor has it there are two helipads and a submarine. WHAT?

All photos courtesy of Kay Davis Photography.

Skirt and the Tropics

30 Apr

Out by the pool in the backyard! All photos courtesy Kay Davis Photography.

Dam Skirt!

25 Apr



We went for a family drive up to Copperlode Dam today, where we saw this awesome beetle and I got yet another chance to practice my turtle whispering skills. I have a gift, y’all.

Skirt Battles the Mossies

23 Apr

Today, I went down to the creek and fed the turtles. Unfortunately, I hadn’t considered the fact that I’m in Australia. And in Australia, the true rulers are the mosquitos. Fortunately, thanks to my Turtle Whisperer skills, I managed to see a couple of turtles before the mossies drove us back to the car!

All photos courtesy Kay Davis Photography.

Skirt’s Blazin’

30 Jan

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I started a second job (part time for now, but I’m switching to full time as soon as I can train somebody to take over my position) and it’s left me with no time at all. I still get up and get dressed, but by the time I’m off work, it’s too dark to take pictures and I’m too exhausted to put on mah bloggin’ face.

I did take a short break from drinkin’ the workahol last week to run down to the thrift store where I found this sweet blazer for a dollar. Seeing as I was two seconds away from dropping $70 on a knit pink blazer from Gap, this was remarkable. Plus, this one’s wool and the sleeves aren’t too long (unlike most blazers that droop way down over my t-rex arms).

In an uncharacteristic move, I decided to ditch the belt today and let my waist go undefined. A bit risky in a floral dress, especially with a boxy blazer on top. I think I’ll stick with my old belty ways from now on.

Oh, and I finally broke and bought black wedges. I’ve needed a pair of up-casual (fancier than flats but not as dressy as heels) shoes for awhile, and since I’ve worn them four days in a row, I’d say they were worth it. Thanks, second job, for making $30 for shoes seem reasonable again!

Until next time,